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About Us

Who We Are

Ghost Light Productions is a Film and Theater Company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We are a organization attached to Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite's Valley of Pittsburgh. The Scottish Rite is part of the World Wide Fraternal Organization commonly known as Freemasons. Ghost Light produces both stage performances and original films for submission to local film festivals.  We are a volunteer run organization made up of both amateurs and industry professionals.

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Tarantino Variations- 2018 

Taste for Murder.png

A Taste for Murder- 2017

How we Started

For those of you that don't know, the Scottish Rite is a organization that is part of the fraternity known as the Freemasons. New members are initiated into various organizations in the Fraternity through ritual known as a degrees. The form of the degrees change depending on the organization within the Fraternity (and there are many), but in the Scottish Rite the degrees take on the form of dramatic theatrical performances that discuss a lesson or a principle of the fraternity.


As a Scottish Rite member, preparing to perform a degree is similar to prepping for a regular stage production: line memorization, costumes, props, and tech rehearsals with lights and sound. A Scottish rite degree is only performed for new and current members and each degree takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Some of the members that had a calling for stagecraft  decided to get together to undertake more ambitious projects which were open to the public and thus in 2015 Ghost Light was born. 

Where We are Located

Ghost Light Productions is hosted by our parent organization the Scottish Rite Valley of Pittsburgh in their beautiful facility The Grater Pittsburgh Masonic Center located at 

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh PA, 15237

We are fortunate  as a production company to make use of the facility's 500 seat theater complete with professional lighting and sound equipment.

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