Ghost light on Screen

Summer Stalk

CONTENT WARNING: Contains profane language 

Premiered: 2018 Haunted Oaks Film Festival

Directed By: PJ Roup


Summer: Kaitlin Cliber

Lance: D. Todd Ballenger

Evan: Peter Georgopoulos

Pete: Branden Plesh

Sam: Robert Holderbaum

Macbeth Director: Barbara Williams


A Taste For Murder

Premiered: 2017 Pittsburgh Horror 48 Film Festival

Directed By: PJ Roup


Joe Macintosh: Todd Ballenger

Angelica Deerfield: Salley Denmead

Young Angelica: Deanna Reges

Mom: Pamela J. Taylor

Grandpa: Bill Patterson

Anthony: Anthony Holland

Slightly Older Angelica: Julia Bahney

Rick Deerfield: Bill Holman

Hero in the Wings

CONTENT WARNING: Contains profane language, references to drug use, multiple apples were destroyed in production

Premiered: 2018 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Festival

Directed By: PJ Roup


Bobby Clark: Wayne Minnicks

T: Branden Plesh

Pete Clark: Bill Patterson

Sally Clark: Sally Denmead

Jeannie Clark: Deena Reges


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